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Milford GAA 2013

posted 1 Oct 2013, 08:57 by Kevin Keenan   [ updated 1 Oct 2013, 08:58 ]
Unfortunately, due to changing demographics and the economic downturn, Milford have been unable to field teams for the past two years. The AGM of 2011 produced some ideas for the following year, but despite the hard work of those involved, the difficult decision was reached to enter no team for 2012, allowing the remaining players to get permissions to play with nearby clubs, many who still do to this day. The decision was revisited again at the 2012 AGM, but with the same outcome.

Hundreds of players, both adult and juvenile, have played for the club over the years, from the initial underage startup in 1999, and the adult club in 2002. I would like to take this oppertunity to thank all those who played, trained, mentored, administrated, sponsored and contributed both financially and voluntarily.

As a postscript, various parts of this website have proved popular, and will continue to be updated, whereas others will appear dated.